National center for debt


NCFD is a platform designed for companies and for people conducting business, who want to recover their debts or would like to check the credibility of a new business partner. The platform consists of a marketplace for selling and buying liabilities via the Internet. It is designed for the British and Polish markets and allows for the exchange of unpaid invoices into cash. Users can easily add debts by importing invoices from their accounting software or via OCR. Advanced search mechanisms implemented in companies' registers adds quick access to information about credibility and the past debts of business partners or companies in the neighborhood.
National center for debt
National center for debt

The case

At first debt as a product for sale online seemed a bit strange for us, but we have quickly realized that guys from NCDF had a good idea for a startup. The innovative concept of a marketplace for liabilities was so intriguing that it also received funding from the EU Innovative Economy program. In cooperation with the team from NFCD, we have created an online platform with a stock exchange for liabilities and a register that allows customers to check other companies credibility. They took care of the interface design and the project scope and we have provided our tech knowledge and brought NCFD to life.

If you want to get rid of unpaid invoices, just sell them via NCFD!

Our work

  • Technical and functional design.
  • Cooperation with graphical designers.
  • Implementation of web platform:
    • Marketplace features
    • Companies register
    • Geolocalization mechanisms
    • Payment and billing automation
    • Advanced search mechanisms
    • OCR mechanism for reading invoices
    • SEO and SEM supporting features
  • Internationalization
  • Integration with Central Statistical Office
  • Design and implementation of API's
    • SOAP API for offer sharing
    • REST API for invoicing software integration


  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • Symfony2


  • PHP5


  • mySql


  • elastic


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