We improve existing
SaaS applications

Our story is the story of our clients and their web applications. For the past 10 years, we’ve focused on solving deep issues within existing SaaS products, and saw them flourish as the result. From spaghetti code and mounting technical debt, through holes in security, to unsatisfactory load times and scalability issues - our clients faced an array of challenges.

They required us to become detectives, architects, handymen, and mechanics. As the result of our work, they’ve always received cleaner, faster, and more future-proof applications.

Workshop, Ireland 2019
Workshop, Ireland 2019
Mountain trip 2018
Mountain trip 2018
Company Run 2019
Company Run 2019
Meet us

Team members

  • Piotr
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  • Michał
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  • Alicja
    Alicja OFFICE
  • Damian
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  • Michał
    Michał BACKEND
  • Amadeusz
    Amadeusz FRONTEND
  • Krzysiek
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  • Marek
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  • Dawid
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Our philosophy

Software craftsmanship

Our clients rely on the quality of the work of our engineers. That’s why we prioritize the accountability of our developers for the code they deliver - the focus is on adding value, rather than merely responding to change. Among the best practices our clients benefit from are peer code reviews, test-driven development, unit tests, modular architecture, and clean code principles.

clean code principles
peer code reviews
modular and extensible architecture
test-driven development
Sharing knowledge


We do not merely write quality software, we teach others how to do it.

Undergraduate education

In 2020 we paired up with the University of Lower Silesia to offer a tailored engineering undergraduate study program: PHP Developer. By designing and delivering the courses, alongside specialists from other leading local companies, we share our knowledge and train top talent to help the local IT industry grow.


Conference speakers

Have we met before? Conferences are a great opportunity to network and talk about our experience with bringing SaaS applications back to life. Recently we’ve had the pleasure of speaking at PHPCon Poland, 4Developers, Boiling Frogs, PHPers Summit and PHPers Day.

Conference speaker

Client workshops

Web development services are accompanied by our custom client training workshops. If you have an existing team that would be interested in diving deeper into PHP or our unique methodology, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to organize training sessions remotely or in person.

What we do

Our web
development services

  • Web application development
  • Audits and consulting
  • Technical due diligence
  • Technical upgrades
  • Legacy code refactoring
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • UX / UI design
  • Training
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The stack


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