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Meet PHP refactoring company that fights technical debt in existing PHP software. Rearchitecting and optimizing legacy code.

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Rewrite vs refactor
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Should you rewrite PHP code from scratch, or...

After initial development and commercialization web applications often face similar challenges. With budget constraints, a fast-paced environment, and external pressure, engineering is often imperfect. In a long term, this results in a slower development pace, performance & security issues, recurring bugs, and inability to scale, both software and business-wise. Dealing with aging software and legacy code, many companies consider rewriting from the scratch as the only solution.

Although we disagree, and in most cases, we discourage rewriting, there are few reasons when you may still consider it. Especially for relatively small web applications, conscious rewriting from a scratch may be the most efficient way to get rid of technical debt. Unfortunately rewriting freezes the development of new features until a new version of the software is fully rewritten. So the question is, will you end-users wait for it? If not, we suggest another option...

...gradually improve it via refactoring?

Refactoring, in opposite to rewriting, takes into account both the importance of improving existing software and the urge to deliver new features to the end-users. Our code refactoring process focuses on both needs at the same time. Your code gradually gets better and better, and users don't have to wait long for new features.

In our approach, the new part of the application (refactored code) is built separately from the old one (legacy code). These parts are linked together without mixing (coupling) them together. This allows us to add all the new features quickly, without the burden of technical debt. In the meantime, step by step, old code can be refactored and moved from old to a new part. And you can decide how much you want to invest in new features, and how much in paying off the technical debt. Your users are already getting new features in the first weeks, the development pace increases, and your web application starts to perform better every day!

Code refactoring experts

Improve your PHP code with experts

With certified, senior PHP engineers and over a 10 years of development and PHP refactoring. Although we are from Poland, not Polish but PHP is our native language!

Developing web applications since 2010 as one of the first PHP specialized companies in Poland. Before becoming experts in PHP software refactoring, we designed & developed from the scratch over 60 digital products. From health-tech startups from Silicon Valley to enterprise PHP software for scandinavian oil industry. This gave us the knowledge on how various technical decisions influence the business in the long run.

Legacy code refactoring, reducing technical debt, architecture redesign, scaling and optimizing PHP code... these are not tasks for beginners. Experience is crucial here, that is why we hire only top PHP engineers. Our team consist mostly of senior PHP specialists with 7+ years of PHP experience.

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    10 years of PHP development & refactoring

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    60+ PHP applications built or improved

  • checkmark

    7 years avgerage developer experience

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    Certified PHP Developers on board

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    University program for PHP developers

Software craftsmanship

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    Clean code & clean architecture principles

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    Peer code reviews

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    Modular and extensible architecture

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    Test-driven development

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Refactoring benefits

Why do we focus on code refactoring?

For many years we focused on building new products for start-ups arount the world. It was a great fun, but the real satisfaction brighs us working with existing software and making it better. Our customers are grown up start-ups that want to evolve from quick and dirty to a proper development. Using legacy code refactoring techniques like strangler pattern or approach like CQRS we bring their software to the tehnical health, working in paralell on paying off the technical debt and delivering new features.

With our code refactor we follow principles of good object oriented programming where each class, variable, and method has its separate purpose. We fight bad design and we deliver clean, readable code without technical debt. With the proper classes, methods and variables. Where each line of code, command or structure is easy to read and understand. This results in code that is not only simple to extednd in the future, but also easier to maintain.

It is really frustrating when technical issues block your business growth. When you want to scale your business, but cannot scale your software. Technical debt becomes a burden. I love code refactoring because it removes that burden and gives a new lease on life to your app. Building new products is good, but converting good product to something great, that is awsome!
Michał Kurzeja
Michał Kurzeja
Legacy refactoring consultant
& CTO of Accesto

Engance your application via code and architecture refactoring

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    Optimize web performance

    Time & budget constraints in the MVP phase often mean compromises in the quality of the development. As user base grows - performance often drops to disappointing levels. Our process starts with auditing (profiling) the PHP code performance and identifying bottlenecks, also on production servers. Usually within just days we can offer quick fixes that significantly improve the performance via code refactoring. In the long run we stabilize the performance on a high level via proper web application architecture.

  • Performance
    Make your application scalable

    In the post-MVP phase companies often want to scale the software and go global, but the technology behind the product is not ready. The solution is to reject expensive vertical scalability and promote horizontal scalability. This is done via code refactoring, re-architecting and infrastracture changes towards fully scalable aplication. With most businesses experiencing peak traffic and relatively calm periods, sensible management of resources is crucial for profitability of the operation. All to make sure your app won't break when number of users grows. Both tehcnical and financial wise.

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    Reduce your development costs

    Old, legacy code, technical debt and outdated tech stack is difficult to expand, and extra effort involved becomes an interest the company has to pay. Technology locking is also a problem. We handle this by paying off the tech debt step by step via legacy refactoring and delivering new features in parallel, we maintain business viability and satisfaction of the engineering team. The seniority and experience of our teams enhanced with automation increases the efficiency of the process.

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    Speed up your development

    Your competition added new features and it would take months to catch up? That’s a pain for many scaling SaaS companies. This is usually a result of many shortcuts taken in the early stages of development. These shortcuts increased the initial pace of development but cause roadblocks later on. Via a good PHP refactoring process these roadblocks can be removed to restore a good pace and speed up the time to market.

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    Secure your web application

    Many applications are vulnerable to security breaches. They include identity thefts, personal data leakages through SQL injections, problems with authorizations, among others. In the early stages of cooperation, we pay special attention to protecting applications against threats. We use penetration tests, web application firewalls (WAF), static code analysis, live code monitoring, etc.

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    Improve User Experience

    User experience and customer satisfaction sometimes lag behind the overall functionality of the SaaS product. This is due to a lack of focus on user journeys, user flows and the design of the app. A mature development team thinks both of the client and the end user. With small tweaks in UX, focusing on the features that really matter and continuous A/B testing we can achieve significant improvement.

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    Ensure quality & reliability

    Our clients’ applications are reliable thanks to our policies of peer code review and additional quality assurance. By automated testing, bug reporting and application health monitoring we minimize the risk of products behaving in unexpected ways. We also think of ourselves as reliable as technological partners. We prefer to underpromise and overdeliver.

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    Maintain your application

    Overengineering an app means the architecture is too complex and technology too sophisticated for the purposes of the web application. Underengineering, on the other hand, leads to the technology being too basic for the sophistication of the product. We achieve maintainability by building features with just enough complexity to meet the needs of users and leaving room for further expansion. We also automate tasks, track technical debt, choose widely adopted open source solutions and monitor bugs both in static code and live environment.

Battle proven approach

Make your web app

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Free review
Analysis & insights First expertise
  • Tell our CTO about your problems and challenges
  • Get code & architecture quality reports for free
  • Discuss suggestions and findings on a 2nd call
  • See the demo of possible improvements & solutions
  • No commitment, NDA secured!
Optimized development Taking care
  • Gathering & completing technical documentation
  • Creating complete product backups
  • Preparing environments for development/testing
  • Introducing development processes and tools
  • Automating deployment and essential tests
Security & performance Product strengthening
  • Security audits and removing breaches
  • Performance optimization and load testing
  • Fixing urgent issues and recurring bugs
  • Introducing essential observability & metrics
Maintenance & new features Continuous improvement
  • Delivering new features monthly or bi-weekly...
  • ...and reducing technical debt at the same time
  • Implementing new features in a debt-free codebase
  • Migrating old features to new codebase step by step
  • Fixing bugs & issues even before users notice them!

Let the numbers speak

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Website load time reduced by 83 % See how
Conversion rate improved by 65 % See how
SaaS scaled to new market larger 12 × See how
Time to market
Reduced time to market by 87 % See how
Full Stack Refactoring Services

It is not just the code!

Our PHP refactoring services are focused on scalable, future-proof web applications. Although Symfony is our core famework, as a full stack developmeny company we use a lot of other tools so you can get most of the technology.

But we not only write a good code, we also focus on the business value of delivered features. Every feature can be implemented, but not every makes sense and will have a good return of investment. Writing code and functions is fun, but it is demotivating when nobody uses it later on. That is why we focus a lot on business analisis and make sure that each function we develop is the corect solution for the correct problem.

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About accesto

Meet PHP refactoring company from Poland

We are a Polish web development company focused on refactoring and improving existing PHP & JavaScript software. We fix, secure and optimize applications, to make them scalable & future proof. For the past 10 years, we’ve focused on solving deep issues within existing SaaS products, and saw them flourish as the result. This gave us awards and recognition among best web development companies.

Why accesto?

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    Expertise in improving SaaS products and marketplace

  • Checkmark

    10 years on the market 60+ products built or improved

  • Checkmark

    High seniority level - 7 years of experience for average Symfony developer

  • Checkmark

    Focus on good, scalalable architecture, clean & high quality code

  • Checkmark

    Battle proven approach on working with existing PHP/Javascript software

  • Checkmark

    Expertise in performance optimization and scalling web applictaions

  • Checkmark

    Building high quality products due to multi-level quality assurance and code review

  • Checkmark

    Great products owning experience, released also 2 own sucessful startups

  • Checkmark

    Providing full stack software developmeny services, from ideation to ready product

  • Checkmark

    Speakers on conferences (PHPCon, 4Developers, Boiling Frogs, PHPers Summit)

  • Checkmark

    Undergradueted study programme on PHP with the University of Lower Silesia

  • Checkmark

    Teaching & consulting other teams how to improve their development

  • Checkmark

    Certified Symfony developers on board

  • Checkmark

    Working with clients around the world United States, Great Britain, whole EU and UAE

  • Checkmark

    Clients getting awards for products we create

  • Checkmark

    Recognized among best symfony development companies Poland

  • Checkmark

    Avarage rating 4.8/5 form many reviews on


  • 🇳🇱

    PM SaaS, Netherlands

  • 🇮🇪

    PR SaaS, Dublin

  • 🇩🇪

    HR platform, Germany

  • 🇵🇱

    eCommerce experts, Poland

  • 🇬🇧

    edu-tech platform, London

  • 🇺🇸

    health-tech, California

  • 🇵🇱

    marketplace, Poland

  • 🇦🇪

    HR platform, Dubai

  • 🇳🇴

    health & safety SaaS, Norway

  • 🇧🇪

    aviation platform, Belgium


Listen how refactoring process helped them

"Placker would not be in the good shape it is in today without Accesto. They have been critical to the client's continuous growth and success. In addition to technical expertise, their communication and reliability are both top-notch. Their team takes a pragmatic approach to problem-solving."

Reinder Visser LinkedIn
CEO of Placker, Netherlands

"They have great attention to detail, adopting a methodology of continuous improvement. This helped to ensure quality throughout the life cycle of the project. An agile approach was also adopted to ensure that at each stage of the project we were building a robust platform."

Shyam Visavadia
Shyam Visavadia LinkedIn
CEO of WorkPanda, Dubai

"Every milestone is completed before the deadline and meets exacting quality standards. Accesto's sophisticated business sense, transparent communication style, and friendly, collaborative attitude have remained consistent throughout the partnership."

Jack Murray
Jack Murray LinkedIn
CEO of MediaHQ, Ireland
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Case studies

See the refactoring success stories we are proud of


Ongoing partnership since 2018

Project management SaaS from the Netherlands used globally by 130k users. Our agile process of architecture refactoring reduced Placker’s maintenance and development time & effort by 40%. Recently a new module built in just 2 weeks made Placker win Atlassian’s Codegeist 2020 for the Best app for remote working.


Ongoing partnership since 2016

PR & media SaaS platform from Dublin, used by Bank of Ireland and National Museum. For the 4 years of cooperation we gradually reduced their technical debt by 87% converting their legacy software to highly scalable cloud applications. This resulted in a successful launch on the 12x larger UK market last year.


Ongoing partnership since 2016

E-commerce service that uses AI-algorithms to advise on laptop purchases. Code & architecture tweaks enabled scaling from Polish market to the UK & India - and soon also other countries. Reduced by 83% load times and redesigned usability improved conversion rate by 65% compared to the local version.

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