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Code review

Code review done right

Code review is the best way to master software craftsmanship and we are serious about it. At Accesto it is not enough to write the code, you have to defend it later on. So better make sure you know Clean Code and SOLID in practice, theory is not enough.

Team experience

Experience and seniority

Scaling web products, redesign of web app architecture, performance optimization... it's not a junior's job. These tasks require experience. That is why our software development team consists mostly of senior developers with an average of 7 years of experience.

Sharing hnowledge

Sharing knowledge

Have we met before? Recently we’ve had the pleasure of speaking at PHPCon Poland, 4Developers, Boiling Frogs, PHPers Summit and PHPers Day. We do workshops, meetups and a lot of blogging. Our blog posts are frequently shared on

Retrospective board

Continious improvement

Through Code Review, workshops and training, we learn how to write better code every day. But we also learn how to work better together. Meaningful and frequent retrospective really helps with this. Yes, we were sceptical at the beginning, but that was a real game-changer.

Life quality

Enjoy your life

Because best software is created by the people who do what they love.

Work in your own time

Flexible hours? Obviously, everyone has those. But at Accesto you actually own your time. Doing sports in the middle of the day? Day off to use some good weather? Prefer mornings, evenings or weekends? Building a house and need to supervise it? The long weekend every weekend? We are a group of professionals, we can manage our time ourselves.

Conference speaker

From home? Office? Or Thailand?

Although we enjoy seeing each other in the office, we value our freedom. So it is up to you whether you prefer office, home or workation. Want to travel through South America and work at the same time? Prefer spending winters in Thailand? These are just a few stories of Accesto developers. But of course, you are always welcome at our office and all the team events.

Conference speaker

Be active, be passionate!

Although we love coding, truth is, that we code to live, not the other way around. Gym or pool training in the middle of the work day? Sure, we do that together. We do running, swimming, biking, and even all three combined into triathlons. We do trekking and we love our company trips and retreats. Families welcome!

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Team speaking

Listen to our developers

"Working in Accesto is not only a friendly atmosphere but also development opportunities. It is also well-managed and interesting projects, common pursuit of objectives and team support. And what is most important for me is the freedom of managing my own time. The possibility to get out of work in the middle of the day for a workout is a huge plus. ;)"

Senior backend developer

"Working with Accesto, I spread my wings. No one has ever imposed on me the only right way, so I could experiment (I still do). I appreciate the fact that I have direct contact with the clients, that others consider my opinion, that I can share my experience with others, smile under my breath and save my colleagues time when they encounter a problem that I also faced in the past."

Senior frontend developer

"Working at Accesto allows me to develop a frontend developer career - interesting and challenging projects and valuable feedback positively affect my development. Moreover, there is a great atmosphere in the company, and a great advantage is flexible working hours - you can leave at any time."

Junior frontend developer
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Know the details


Do you work remotely?
Accesto is a remote-first company. It always was, even before the covid times. There are no limits or strict rules on where you should be working from. Of course, as long as the team is ok with that (e.g. places with poor internet connection might be frustrating for everyone).
Does Accesto have an office?
Yes we do! We are located in the heart of Wroclaw, Poland. Next to the market square. Open 24/7, with great coffee, tea, soda drinks and more. We offer a nice and quiet place to sit down, with good internet connection. It's close to different restaurants and places to hang around with your friends or teammates.
What are the working hours?
Besides of being remote-first, we are also a bit of an async company. This means there are no strict rules on the working hours, but we try to keep a small overlap every day to make calls with customers easier. Some of us prefer to start at 6 or 7 am, and others prefer to sleep longer and start at 9 or even 10. Depending on the team schedule, some members take a break during the day and go to gym or swimming. The only rule is that your team is ok with that. E.g. if you agreed to deliver something, and you suddenly decide to take 4 days off because of great weather - the team might be not happy with that.
What is your approach to holidays/vacation?
We have two kinds of holidays: paid and unpaid. Each of us has an agreed number of holiday per month/year. Those are paid. But sometimes you prefer to have a bit more free time, and that's ok, this is the case where you can use the unpaid holidays. Next to that, as we have no strict working hours, you can actually take a day off in the middle of the week, and work those hours on some other day(s) - but, only if you want!


Do you offer health care?
Yes we do. In two forms. One is a set monthly allowance that you can spend on your health. Second one is a group insurance that covers doctors, dentists, etc. The second one is paid, but you can pay it from the first one.
Do you offer sport related perks?
We offer the polish "multisport" card that gives you access to most sports related facilities in the country. It is paid, but similarly to health care, we offer a monthly sports allowance that you can spend on anything you like (related to sport). Let it be the multisport card, or new running shoes - you decide.
Do you have team integrations?
Of course we do! We even have different types of them! There are some special occasion integrations: company birthday or Christmas. We also have company weekend trips, and finally we also have teammate "sponsored" integrations. The last one is the most common one. Each member of the team has a monthly allowance of 200 kudos to give. If you do something great, you receive kudos from others. You can spend the received kudos on some personal retreats, support a foundation, but also sponsor some team activities like escape rooms, karting, pizza, bowling and more.
Do you have company trips?
Yes, our goal was to do one every quarter, but it takes lots of planning so we usually do 2-3 a year. They start on Thursday and last till Sunday. Sometimes we prefer mountains, and sometimes lakes. The list is not closed. We also take our partners with us.
Do you practice team recognition?
As mentioned in the integrations questions, we have a monthly allowance of kudos to spend. When your teammate does something nice, you can give him kudos for that. Kudos are gathered on his account, and he can e.g. organize a pizza Friday for the whole team, or... take an additional day off.


Is there a scrum master? Product owner?
All our teams can use the help of our scrum master, and he is always involved in shaping the process. The process itself depends a lot on the project, and this includes also the product owner. There is always a person that holds that role, but depending on the project it might be someone from our team, or on our client's side.
How is the work organized?
That depends a lot on the team, but we have some common parts. Sprints with planning, refinement and retrospective are one of them. We also practice daily meetings, but in different form (video or written).
Do developers have contact with clients?
Depending on the team and project, you will have full or none contact with the client. The reasoning is quite simple. Some clients are great at this kind of communication and are a true help for the team. But in some cases are not yet ready to manage the product roadmap, describe tasks or be part of scrum sessions, in such cases it's better to have a layer between the dev team and the client.
How long are the sprints?
Usually two weeks, but some teams may differ.
How is the team built?
Each team consists of developers - both backend and frontend. A scrum master (not a real member, but always available). We do not practice separate QA members, but we way have a product owner or similar role. We prefer to always include the developers as much as we can into the whole process - that includes task refinement and bits of specification, as well as some basic tests while doing a code review.
What projects is Accesto working on?
Mostly SaaS products, with a proven business model, but facing technological obstacles on the way to onboard more clients. The goal is always to build a better crafted codebase, that will allow them to scale and ship features in a faster, more reliable way. Migrating into the cloud, launching new markets, etc. In almost every project our client is a small to medium business, that allows us to work with the decisive people - not wasting time on long decision paths.

Technology stack & tools

What is your tech stack?
Our projects are always written in PHP and JS. In all cases, the backend technology is Symfony, or will soon be Symfony. Frontend is in most cases written in Angular or React. We like to make use of suitable technologies like Elasticsearch or Algolia, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes and more.
What tools do you use?
Our core is the combination of ClickUp and Gitlab - for repository hosting, code review and CI/CD pipelines. We also use Slack for communication. Some projects are held on Github with CI tools like CircleCI. We heavily use Docker and Kubernetes. Developer tools are a quite broad topic: stuff like PHPStorm, PHPUnit, PHPStan and more, for frontend quite similarly, ESlint, Cypress, and more. We also make use of additional tools like Sentry (a must-have), Datadog, etc.
How are the technologies and tools chosen?
That's fully on the team. There are obviously some business boundaries to take into account, but there is no dedicated person to make the calls, it's always a team's decision. That includes tools, technologies but also libraries and system architecture.