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Increase your revenue

Some say that a great product will sell itself. But let's face the truth - the world is full of great products that never reached their full potential or did not even get to the real market. That's why we don't merely write code - we help to build and scale products - tech and business-wise.

Before we specialized in modernization we had built over 60 digital products for startups around the world. This gave us the knowledge of how various decisions and tactics influence the business in the long run. Build a full solution? Prototype? Or... try to sell it first? We are here to help.

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Let users love your product

User experience and customer satisfaction sometimes lag behind the overall functionality of the SaaS product. This is due to a lack of focus on user journeys, user flows and the design of the app.

A mature development team thinks both of the client and the end user. With small tweaks in UX, focusing on the features that really matter and continuous A/B testing we can achieve significant improvement.

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Speed up your software

Time and budget constraints during the MVP phase often mean compromises in the quality of the development. As traffic increases - performance often drops to disappointing levels.

Our approach starts with analyzing the code performance and identifying bottlenecks, also on production servers. Usually within just days we can offer quick fixes that significantly improve the performance. In the long run, we stabilize the performance on a high level via proper web application architecture.

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Upgrade your technology

Old code, technical debt and outdated stack are difficult to expand, and extra effort involved becomes an interest the business has to pay. Technology locking is another problem.

We handle this by gradually paying off the tech debt, upgrading tools and building new features in parallel, we maintain business viability and satisfaction of the engineering team. The seniority and maturity of our teams combined with automation improve the efficiency of the process.

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Speed up your development

Your competition added new features and it would take months to catch up? That’s a pain for many scaling SaaS companies. However, a more flexible approach can easily speed up the time to market.

First, the feature we develop can be a basic prototype, that allows us to push it out faster, and leave deeper integrations and automation to later stages. Second, such a basic feature can be immediately tested to validate if the users actually take advantage of it.

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Make it stable & reliable

Our clients’ applications are reliable thanks to our policies of peer code review and multi-level quality assurance. By automated testing, bug reporting and application health monitoring we minimize the risk of products behaving in unexpected ways.

Stable and reliable products are built with just enough complexity to meet the needs of users and leave room for further expansion. We also automate tasks, track technical debt, choose widely adopted open source solutions and monitor bugs both in static code and live environment.

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Sleep tight with secured app

Many applications are vulnerable to security breaches. They include identity thefts, personal data leakages through SQL injections and problems with authorizations, among others.

In the early stages of cooperation, we pay special attention to protecting applications against threats. We use penetration tests, web application firewalls (WAF), static code analysis, live code monitoring, etc.

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Make your app scalable

In the post-MVP phase, businesses often want to scale the app and go global, but the technology behind the product is not ready.

The solution is to reject costly vertical scalability and promote horizontal scalability. With most businesses experiencing peak traffic and relatively calm periods, sensible management of resources is crucial for the profitability of the operation.

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Elevate your PHP product from good to great

Technology shouldn't block your app from being great. Let's turn your PHP software into a mature product. Scalable, profitable, and loved by the users!

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Case studies

Read the stories

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Scaling successful startup
to the global market

New architecture enabled scaling from a local market to multiple countries around the world. Better load times & redesigned usability improved the conversion rate by 65% compared to the local version.

Learn how
Load time
decreased by

Accelerating SaaS growth via architecture refactor

The agile process of architecture refactoring resulted in a 24% yearly decrease in software complexity. New architecture made SaaS extremely open to integrations and reduced maintenance and development efforts by 40%.

Learn how
Time to market reduced by 40%

Scaling SaaS to a 12 times bigger European market

Introducing scalable architecture and migrating to a cloud, enabled launch in a 12 times bigger market. The new data model and search algorithms reduced search times by 92% despite the 12× larger database.

Learn how
Performance improved 20×

From legacy web app to a highly scalable SaaS in 2 years

The unique gradual approach that gave a new life to an aging SaaS product. Every year technical debt decreased by 35%, making the product reliable and secure, while new features were delivered in 87% shorter time to market.

Learn how
Yearly tech debt reduction 35%

Let the numbers speak

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Conversion rate improved by Increased65 % See how
Website load time reduced by Reduced83 % See how
SaaS scaled to a new market, larger by Increased12 × See how
Time to market
Reduced time to market by Reduced87 % See how
About us

Get to know us better

Meet Accesto 👋 a web development & consulting studio focused on improving existing PHP software. Our story is the story of our clients and their web applications. For the past 14 years, we’ve focused on solving deep issues within existing SaaS products and saw them flourish as the result. This gave us awards and recognition among the best web development companies.

  • 14 Years on the market

    Our web development services date back to year the 2010. We were among the first PHP development companies from Poland focused on Symfony framework.

  • 100+ Projects delivered

    As a software development company, we built or improved 100+ web apps for customers from USA, UK, EU and UAE. We develop SaaS applications, marketplaces and enterprise PHP software.

  • 15 Web developers

    We see our team of senior PHP and Javascript developers as a special force for demanding web development. We always choose quality over quantity. This regards both people and your code.

  • 8 Years average seniority

    Redesign of web application architecture and legacy code refactoring is not a job for juniors. That is why our team consists mostly of senior devs, including certified Symfony developers.


Listen to entrepreneurs
we helped

"Placker would not be in the good shape it is in today without Accesto. They have been critical to the client's continuous growth and success. In addition to technical expertise, their communication and reliability are both top-notch. Their team takes a pragmatic approach to problem-solving."

Netherlands flag Reinder Visser LinkedIn
CEO of Placker, Netherlands

"Every milestone is completed before the deadline and meets exacting quality standards. Accesto's sophisticated business sense, transparent communication style, and friendly, collaborative attitude have remained consistent throughout the partnership."

Jack Murray
Ireland flag  Jack Murray LinkedIn
CEO of MediaHQ, Ireland

"The website visibly improved within several weeks of the project’s commencement. Accesto is able to solve problems and communicate solutions. They provide a good quality of work and are able to bring creative visions to life on complex projects and software systems."

Piotr Jakobczyk
Germany flag Piotr Jakobczyk LinkedIn
CEO of Bestcruiter, Germany

"We really liked their proactive approach and how they always challenge themselves to deliver a better solution. Accesto has met all expectations for the app and delivered the solution on time in spite of some unforeseen issues that came up."

Maxim Schelfhout
Belgium flag Maxim Schelfhout LinkedIn
Director at Skylegs, Belgum

"They have great attention to detail, adopting a methodology of continuous improvement. This helped to ensure quality throughout the life cycle of the project. An agile approach was also adopted to ensure that at each stage of the project we were building a robust platform."

Shyam Visavadia
UAE flag Shyam Visavadia LinkedIn
CEO of WorkPanda, Dubai

"I give Accesto a very favorable review overall. It was a pleasant surprise to see Accesto's team take an interest in our project and make great suggestions for features and ways of attacking the work. We have taken those suggestions to heart and actually implemented them."

Henry Andoh
USA flag Henry Andoh LinkedIn
CEO of Healthgraphic, California

"They're a very reliable IT company. We took a bit of a leap of faith when we selected a supplier from a different country. There was quite a lot of risk for us to go and spend amount of money that we did, but Accesto was definitely reliable very quickly."

David Watt
Norway flag David Watt LinkedIn
Partner at Galaxsea, Norway

"They know and can use many top-notch technologies in web and mobile software development, and also their management abilities and delivery time are excellent. If you're looking for skilled developers with experience, stop searching and give these guys a try. You will feel the first-class experience, and your code will get better."

Mark Bain
Poland flag Mark Bain LinkedIn
CEO of Perkmylife

"Accesto’s technical expertise and knowledge in advanced web development is invaluable and their engagement has exceeded our expectations. They are our trusted digital partner."

Piotr Karwatka
Poland flag Piotr Karwatka LinkedIn
CTO of Divante

"They know the priorities, and they can do everything themselves, without needing to be micromanaged. For me, this is the thing that differentiates them from the others."

Wojtek Rokosz
Poland flag Wojciech Rokosz LinkedIn
CEO of Ardeo

"The characteristics of Accesto that I appreciate the most are reliability, promptness, ability to tailor solutions to individual needs and great communication. I would most certainly recommend working with them."

Adam Fyda
Poland flag Adam Fyda LinkedIn
Blue Papaya, CCO
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Battle-proven approach

Modernize your
PHP product

Stroke Straight line
Free review
Analysis & insights First expertise
  • Tell our CTO about your problems and challenges
  • Get code & architecture quality reports for free
  • Discuss suggestions and findings on a 2nd call
  • See the demo of possible improvements & solutions
  • No commitment, NDA secured!
Optimized development Taking care
  • Gathering & completing technical documentation
  • Creating complete product backups
  • Preparing environments for development/testing
  • Introducing development processes and tools
  • Automating deployment and essential tests
Security & performance Product strengthening
  • Security audits and removing breaches
  • Performance optimization and load testing
  • Fixing urgent issues and recurring bugs
  • Introducing essential observability & metrics
Maintenance & new features Continuous improvement
  • Delivering new features monthly or bi-weekly...
  • ...and reducing technical debt at the same time
  • Implementing new features in a debt-free codebase
  • Migrating old features to new codebase step by step
  • Fixing bugs & issues even before users notice them!

Benefit from cooperation

We don't sell dev hours! We take the whole product development & care off your shoulders and scale your product as our own. We will be your CTO, PO and your dev team combined.
  • audits
    Free review & consulting
  • Padlock
    NDA & IP protected
  • Upgrades
    1st improvements in 7 days
  • Calendar
    New features in just 2 weeks
  • Managed
    Fully managed process
  • Bulb
    CTO care & guidance included
Start from free review and consulting session

Wondering what is the next best step for your product? Don't worry! You can book up to 90 minutes of free technical consulting session with our CTO as well as an initial code & architecture quality audit.

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Technology focus

Develop your web app further

  • Web development

    Web development

    Web development services focused on scalable, future-proof web applications.

    PHP logo
    PHP development

    From startups to enterprise PHP applications - in the last 13 years our PHP developers built over 100 products. We are from Poland, but we speak and think in PHP.

    Symfony logo
    Symfony development

    Certified Symfony developers on board and almost a decade of development in Symfony framework since its early days. We do know Symfony by heart.

    JavaScript logo
    JavaScript development

    JavaScript developers who survived dark ages of jQuery & AJAX. Now in love with Angular, Vue & React, but above all with clean and well written JS code.

    Angular logo
    Angular development

    From the first AngularJS release in 2010 to contemporary Angular framework. Our senior Angular developers take what is best in each version.

    Vue logo
    Vue development

    Great solution for smaller web applications and Progressive Web Apps. With a help of our Vue developers the UX of your app will improve quickly.

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  • cloud

    Web infrastructure

    Building a scalable and reliable web infrastructure that will handle rapid growth of your user base and your business.

    docker logo

    We see ourself as Docker evangelists. We write about it, we give talks on Docker and we teach other teams how to use it properly. And of course, we use it ourself, almost everywhere.

    kubernetes logo

    Reliable & robust infrastracture solution for scalable SaaS products. Kubernetes is our favourite choice when we help our customers run or migrate their web applications to cloud.

    aws logo google cloud logo

    Shall I host my app in cloud? Which cloud provider to choose? Google Cloud, AWS or other?
    How to migrate to cloud?
    Don't worry, we are here to help and handle all of that for you.

    MySQL logo PostgreSQL logo
    SQL Databases

    One thing is to use SQL, but other is to know all the nits & grits of MySQL or PostgreSQL. Our web developers help other teams to audit, optimize and scale their databases.

    Neo4j logo Elastic logo
    NoSQL Databases

    Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Redis... almost every our project include at least one the NoSQL DBs. Each serves a different purpose and for years we learned how to make the most of them.

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Learn from our experiences