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Take your Docker containers to the next level with our practical guide for advanced Docker users. Learn optimization techniques and tools that will boost your development.

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for advanced Docker users

  • 10 Optimization techniques

    Docker containers are only as good as you make them. From this book, you will learn 10 practical techniques that will boost your project setup.

  • 4 Useful tools

    Docker itself is a great tool. From this book, you will learn a few additional tools that will improve your Docker setup and make managing containers simpler.

  • 10 Real life examples

    Theory, practice, and measurable results. In this book, you will find real life examples of projects improved with presented techniques.

  • 64 Pages full of knowledge

    Looking for an introduction to Docker? This book is NOT for you! Already using Docker on a daily basis? Great, this book will boost your productivity!


Learn how to improve your
Docker containers

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Proper layers reduced build time by 71 % Read how
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Docker image size reduced by 73 % Read how
Building Docker images faster by 4 × Read how
Team saved time on dev ops 87 % Read how

Stop wasting your time on a poor Docker setup!

Every good developer cares about code quality and good coding practices. Clean Code, SOLID, GRASP... you name it. But how about the quality of your Docker images? How good are your Dockerfiles? How often do you review your docker-compose.yml? How much effort do you put into making sure these are optimized and follow good practices?

I have seen too many developers waiting forever for docker-compose to finish. As a CTO and DevOps optimization freak I couldn't stand it. I wrote this book, so you can save your time.
Michał Kurzeja
Michał Kurzeja
Accesto CTO

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