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SaaS platform for managing and ensuring safety within companies. Complete solution for activities like incident tracking, assessing and managing risks, planning and conducting inspections or audits.

Project scope
Design Web development Mobile development
Case study

Long story short

We have created bSafer for norwegian consulting company providing processes for Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Risk management to market leaders like Shell, Statoil, Nexans or PwC.

Their business model depended mostly on deep knowledge of company founders and was difficult to scale. Our goal was to make better use of their knowledge by bundling it into digital HSEQ and Risk Management digital product that can be sold worldwide.

We have designed and developed cloud based software platform and mobile application for comprehensive and reliable process management.

bSafer brought innovation to this heavily document driven branch
Case study

Product created

  1. bSafer is a web&mobile platform for managing and ensuring safety in companies. It is a complete solution for activities like incident tracking, assessing and managing risks, planning and conducting inspections or audits.
  2. It consists of web panel for process management and mobile app for in field activities like drills, reviews or accident reporting. Supported by various additional features like analytics, quality KPI’s, emergency GPS tracking and safety notifications.
  3. bSafer is a powerful, fully-customizable, cloud based, SaaS platform for all safety related processes and activities in companies at any size.

"They're a very reliable IT company. We took a bit of a leap of faith when we selected a supplier from a different country. There was quite a lot of risk for us to go and spend the amount of money that we did, but Accesto was definitely reliable very quickly. Reliability & communication skills are the key things with them."

David Watt
David Watt LinkedIn
Galaxsea, Partner
Case study

Project scope

  • Technical and functional design
    • Design of web & mobile UI/UX
      • Implementation of SaaS features:
        • Multitenancy, onboarding, trials
        • Automated subscriptions & Stripe integration
        • Web & mobile customization features
          (branding, colors, wording, definitions)
      • Implementation of SaaS admin panel:
        • Managing users & companies
        • Susbcriptions and payments management
        • Pricing plans and limits
      • Design and implementation of marketing website
      • Implementation of web platform:
        • Reports module (incidents, accidents, observations etc.)
        • Activities module (audit, inspections, drills etc.)
        • Riks module (risk register and assessments)
        • Actions module (complete task manager)
        • Notifications (system/email/push messages)
        • Emergency (localizing employees on map)
        • Statistics (KPI’s, analytics)
        • Customization (logo, colors, wording, definitions etc.)
        • Users (managing company users, groups, leaders)
      • Hybrid (iOS/Android) mobile application
        All modules as in web application plus:
        • Emergency GPS tracking
        • Emergency phone numbers
        • Panic button
        • Reporting directly from camera

      Case study


      bSafer risks
      01_Risk assesments
      bSafer report
      02_Task management
      bSafer emergency
      03_Emergency features
      bSafer HSE inspection
      04_Audits and reviews
      bSafer EXample
      05_Branding and customization
      bSafer payment plan
      06_SaaS subscriptions
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      Case study


      • PHP/Symfony
      • MariaDB
      • AngularJS
      • Ionic
      • Docker
      • Amazon Cloud
      • GitLab CI/CD
      • PHPUnit
      • Sentry