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Scaling SaaS to a 12× bigger european market

Leading SaaS platform for doing branch specific research. Complete toolset of search, discovery & intelligence features. Used by large organizations incl. banks and government agencies (thus name is a secret).

Key improvements
Scalability Performance User experience
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It was already a #1 tool for doing branch specific research in its country. Scaling to larger european market was a natural next step on their business journey. The goal was to do it in just 12 months.

Successful launch on a new market required facing few challenges. First of all we had to prepare the platform to handle up to 10× more users. At the same time it had to efficiently operate on 12× larger database of a quite complex business domain. Database itself wasn't at that time capable of reflecting all the nuances of a broader market.

Last but not least, we had to offer additional search and intelligence features, to make this SaaS stand out ona more competitive market.

Project goals

Scale from 1 country to 12× larger market
Optimize search performance and usability
Introduce new intelligence features
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  1. Launching a SaaS product on a significantly larger market requires its architecture and infrastructure to be both scalable and flexible. It has to be ready to scale quickly when product gains traction, but also keep the costs of infrastructure low before it happens.

    Containerization, database separation, adding abstraction to filesystem or sessionless authentication are just an examples of many tweaks introduced to enable flexible scaling.
  2. After removing all scalability obstacles we were able to migrate the platform from a single server to the Google Cloud infrastructure. We also used Kubernetes to automate product deployment, scaling, and management, which reduced necessary infrastructure administration to bare minimum.
  3. This SaaS already had a great search & discovery feature beloved by the users. But to compete on a new market it had to be outstanding. That is why together with researchers and product team we created a new, top-notch one - based on Elasticsearch and inspired by Google's idea of a single search field.

    Packed with intelligent features like synonym search, typo correction, stemming, smart contextual suggestions... and light-speed fast at the same time. We also used the knowledge of domain experts to create search algorithms that promote more relevant and high quality search results.
  4. To stand out on a new market we also introduced couple of new intelligence features. We also had to redesign and migrate the complete database, from single-country focused structures to more universal and flexible model.

"We are now in a completely different place than a year ago thanks to Accesto. Their approach to business and their ability to sense our needs were impressive. We knew that the goal was ambitious, but they did a good job and delivered on time."

Business Owner & Managing Director
Case study


Introducing scalable architecture, optimizing performance & migrating to cloud enabled successful launch in a 12 times bigger market. Although SaaS is just starting to gain traction on the new market, it is already prepared to handle over 10 times more users.

The new data model and search algorithms reduced search times by 92% despite the 12× larger database. Additional intelligence features not only helped to stand out ona new market but also brought this SaaS new customers on the national market.

And all of that in just... 9 months.
With no downtime to existing users.

Search time reduced by 92 %
Technology upgrade
Performance increased 20 ×
Case study


  • PHP/Symfony
  • MySQL
  • ElasticSearch
  • RabbitMQ
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Gogole Cloud
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • PHPUnit
  • Cypress
  • PHPStan
  • Sentry