WN DSW is an online university bookstore containing the publications of Scientific Publishing House of the University of Lower Silesia. Offering both traditional and electronic books and publications. The DSW store stands out with its fresh design and well planned UX with Amazon-like ebook preview. The web store is convenient in usage both for potential readers and the Publishing House employees. Readers will surely notice an intuitive book catalog, and convenient order placement together with online payments. Publishers will appreciate the digital watermark mechanisms securing the e-books and the automated delivery process.

The case

The Publishing House of the University of Lower Silesia is neither a world famous publisher nor a major bookstore. But for sure they are ambitious and very open to the possibilities that e-publishing presents. A standard bookstore with shelves full of old-fashioned books? Not with DSW! Together with the advertising agency Blue Papaya we have designed and implemented a reader-friendly online ebook store. The agency took care of the user interface design and we took care of the technical side and user experience. Preview the content in a convenient, Amazon-like way, place an order in a few clicks, pay for it online and have it delivered to your email in seconds, specially prepared for you and signed with a digital watermark.

More than you expect from a standard bookstore!

Our work

  • Technical and functional design.
  • Cooperation with graphical designers.
  • Implementation of online bookstore:
    • Basket and order placement.
    • Amazon-like book ebook preview.
    • Automated delivery of ebooks.
    • Digital watermark and personalization of ebooks.
    • Ebooks conversion between formats (Calibre).
    • Administration panel for Publisher.
  • Integration with online payments.
  • User experience design.
  • Support and maintenance.


  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • Symfony2


  • PHP5


  • mySql


  • elastic


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