Incolo is an online platform designed for the real estate market. It gives a wide range of possibilities including fast information exchange and effective profile matching between landlords and tenants. The main goal of the startup Incolo is the complete automation of the rental process. This includes everything from candidate selection, contract negotiation and signing via the Internet to monthly payment processing. Packed with social features like comments, recommendations and a rating system, it is also available also as a mobile application. Incolo targets the German and Polish real estate market and provides integration with popular classified advertising portals in those countries.

The case

The idea of complete automation of rental process has grabbed us since the first meeting with the Incolo startup. Why the heck do we need real estate agencies? Can't we go with something like Airbnb for standard rentals? Of course, we can! This idea also convinced investors, so they received stable funding. All we had to take care of was a great execution of this project. We accompanied Incolo since the first scratch of the application design. Starting with a complete interactive mockup, UX design, and testing, to the implementation of the web and mobile applications. We came up with a great user experience, responsive design, and polished features.

Real estate agencies, be aware of Incolo!

Our work

  • Technical, functional and UX design
  • Interactive mock-up of complete platform
  • Implementation of web platform:
    • Landing pages
    • Landlord and tenant panels
    • Profiles and offers matching
    • Online contract signing
    • Payment and billing automation
    • Social features and integration
  • Internationalization
  • Integration with classified advertising pages
  • Mobile app for Android


  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • Symfony2


  • AngularJS


  • android


  • PHP5


  • mySql


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