Perkmylife is an internet start-up with the ambition to become a worldwide recognized educational platform. It combines e-learning tools for teachers willing to sell their knowledge via the internet, with social networking for students looking for online courses. The third version of Perkmylife offers a better experience by implementing more engaging social mechanisms, an intelligent search engine, and suggestion algorithms. Perkmylife is a social network, e-learning platform, search engine, internet forum, online shop and much much more.

The case

Our cooperation with Perkmylife began in 2011, when we created the very first version of their online platform, for an ambitious start-up. Since then, we have been continuously working to improve their product, so they can provide better solutions and expand their reach.

The new version of Perkmylife helped them to step out of Polish universities, and into Stanford.

Our work

  • Complex realization of previous platform versions:
    • Website and internet forum
    • Online shop and booking system
    • Integration and authorization via LDAP
    • Moodle e-learning system
    • Tool for editing and reviewing TeX questions
  • In current version:
    • Migration of old platform to Symfony2
    • Redesign of database and file-system
    • New oAuth2 authorization mechanisms
    • Integration with social networks
    • Implementation of an intelligent search engine
    • Upgrade of Moodle e-learning platform
    • New design adoption and internationalization
  • Consultancy in IT and user experience areas
  • Participation in design and improvement processes
  • Platform maintenance and technical support


  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • Symfony2


  • PHP5


  • mySql


  • elastic


  • NodeJS


  • SocketIO


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