One year in Accesto

In September we are celebrating the birthday of Accesto, this year we will turn 7. For me it's a double anniversary because a year ago in September I joined the team. Using this opportunity, I would like to summarize this period as well as show how our work looks like from the inside.


I remember well my first day at work. I was introduced to other co-workers, then they showed me the kitchen and rest of the office and next asked to set up a workstation in accordance with the guidelines. Some tools like Docker and GitLab were new to me, and although I knew what they were for, I was yet to learn how useful they are.

After completing the configuration of apps and setting up the necessary accounts, I said hello to other coworkers on chat, set up my avatar and started browsing the online library.

In the next days I was assigned to my first project, I got to know how to work with tasks, I got some code quality tips and ... I created my first branch and commit.


Since my arrival we have enlarged the office, the kitchen has been equiped with fruits and mate mate and every week there are English lessons. In short, a lot is happening.

Accesto Tech Stories

When Michal shared with us the idea of a technological presentation, I knew that it was a great opportunity to share knowledge. I volunteered for the first presentation and in March we made our Accesto Tech Stories series. So far, we have organized 11 presentations on a variety of topics, starting with discussing the possibilities of libraries and tools, and techniques for improving code quality.

The possibility of speaking to colleagues helps to explore the subject deeper and it can also be a good exercise when we want to bring up the topic in a wider circle, for example, in local PHP community meetings.


Integration is a constant part of our work. Sometimes we play Tekken during breaks, sometimes we organize some kind of a tournament or eat waffles together. During the integration we are getting to know each other better, we are discussing the most interesting challenges in the current projects and we are having a good time.

We will definitely share some pictures from our 7th birthday on @accesto_team so you can check them out soon!


Since you already know how we work in Accesto, you might want to ask us something. Or perhaps you would like to work this way with us? Check out our current job offers - it would be great to meet you!


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