B2B is a complex ERP system dedicated for production industry. The system provides tools for all employee levels starting from everyday work management of factory worker to complex reporting and forecasting for senior management. B2B combines various enterprise modules like CRM, SCM, production planning and management, inventory management, shipping and payments. Backed with lots of B2B integrations enables smooth cooperation with other enterprises.


The case

One of many examples of ERP systems we have created. The company starting with only a few employees faced a waterfall of new orders and customers. An old notebook and pencil way of handling the business was no longer a solution for dealing with everyday work. Our goal was to model all business processes of the enterprise, optimize them and design a complex IT solution that would make the processes go quick and in a well-managed way.

Our work

  • Business analysis, goals and processes
  • Technical and functional design
  • Implementation of ERP modules:
    • Inquiries, offers, order processing
    • Customer relationship management
    • Supply chain management
    • Production management
    • Settlements and invoicing
  • Data interchange modules
    • Integration with suppliers CRM
    • Integration with customers CRM
    • Universal XML API for other integrations
  • Implementation of forecasting tools:
    • Sales and expenses forecasting
    • Human resources planning
  • Design and implementation of RWD UI
  • Test automation and deployment
  • Maintenance and system improvements


  • Symfony2


  • AngularJS


  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • mySql


  • R


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