Multigaming is a TeamSpeak3 voice server, sales and hosting management platform. The platform offers advanced solutions for managing server hosting such as: the process of defining offers and sales, settlement and integration of a payment system and support services, and controlling the rules obeyed by users. The important features in the system are the simultaneous process of scaling up and new service installation followed by automation.

The case

The choice of this method arises from a need for further development, international expansion, and strengthening of its' leading position in Poland. The system the company previously used was not difficult to maintain, however, the development would have been very expensive to cover. Therefore, the company decided to change the platform and switch to a new system. After system creation, the customer was migrated to the new system, which offered better opportunities and convenience, such as process automation.

Our work

  • Technical design of the management system
  • Choice of technology
  • System implementation:
    • Offer management
    • Sales process - well-developed path with logging, registration, returning to purchase and payment
    • Automatic installation of all services
    • Expanded management of services:
      • Basic settings
      • Co-owners and authorization system
      • Backup and restoring system (automatic)
      • Automatic re-installation system
      • Ability to change payment parameters for the duration of the service
      • Automatic management of DNS entries
      • Management of groups, users, access rights and tokens
      • Statistics system together with dynamically generated banners
      • Best server ranking
      • Password banning, temporary
      • Services: migrations between locations
      • Support and ability to configure new products such as: bot Teamspeak 3
      • Support for private server technologies (Private Voice Server) and their management
      • Clients' authorization control, detecting regulation violations
      • Developed wallet system
      • Support for many payment systems: PayPal, PayU, Cashbill, Paysafecard
      • Transfers between users
      • Flexible authorization system, for example: the ability to define different types of services (Accounting, Technical Support)
      • System implementation
      • Clients' migrations
      • Maintenance


  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 & CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • Symfony2


  • AngularJS


  • PHP5


  • mySql


  • mariaDB


  • docker


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